Head here if you'd like to buy our wines.  Please keep the following things in mind when placing your order:

- We are currently able to ship to most states in the U.S. and we are working on international shipping.  We'll let ya know when we figure it out!

- We have a 3 bottle minimum per order, and we request that orders are placed in 3 bottle increments.  If we receive an order for 4, 7, 10 bottles...we'll be in touch.  It's just not worth it and it doesn't make sense for either of us - believe us.  Seriously.

- All orders are shipped via FedEx and must be signed for by a person 21 years of age or older.  If possible, we HIGHLY recommend setting your shipping address to your office (if you have one), or a place where someone will be on site during normal weekday delivery hours to sign for the delivery.  This is super important!  All returned deliveries will incur the return shipment cost, charged to the card attached to your order.  If we have to send it again, you'll be re-charged for shipping and before you know it, you've spent more on shipping than you did for your wine(?!) Let's help each other make this process as economical and efficient as possible.

- We are a super small team.  Please be patient with us - sometimes it may take a few days before your order goes out.  If you need your wine to be expedited for any reason, please say so in your order notes, or reach out to us directly.  We will always do our best to get orders shipped out ASAP.

Thanks so much for your support!