Everything is Subject to Change

What a year this has been, and what a year this continues to be. Collectively, we have been through a lot.

At Subject to Change it feels like we have been working overtime since our first vintage in 2017. Small production wine making is not for the faint of heart. Even when the stars align and everything is moving in the right direction we are still faced with the reality of long days and a lot at stake in each decision made. Simply put, the reward is seeing people all over the world enjoy our wines. That keeps us going. 

This year has been a lesson for us. We were confronted head on with our own privilege. We began to peel back the layers, and made an active commitment to the daily work that is dismantling white supremacy within ourselves, as well as committing to affecting that change through the systems we engage with and impact, starting with Subject to Change.

We spent time away from social media to really understand & process the gravity of the moment --  as a small, new company, how and what could we do to make lasting change in our community and industry? We acknowledge that the wine industry has been dominated by white men and we embrace that it is our responsibility to diversify, collaborate and share what we have learned throughout our careers.  Without this shift the wine industry cannot grow to its full potential. We need new ideas, fresh takes & an injection of shared pride for everyone no matter the color of their skin, gender identity, sexual orientation or religion. This extends into the vineyards as well. We are extremely lucky to work with growers who have respect for the skilled laborers who work in their vineyards. We have made sure that anyone who is picking the grapes that go into our wines is being paid a living wage. 

Since Subject to Change’s inception, we have always worked exclusively with organic & biodynamic vineyards. With climate fires raging across the West Coast, we take climate change and the health of our planet very seriously. We are fully committed to taking a holistic approach to our business. We understand a lot of these changes don’t come overnight, and that lasting change takes time. Change is not easy but we are dedicated to the research, learning, and action it requires.

We want lasting change and continue that work everyday. 


We have engaged the 3:08 Collective to guide us on our continued learning about racial injustice and how to not only create an inclusive and equitable business but one that fosters a sense of belonging for everyone involved.

Moving forward we are requiring growers to meet our standards and fill out this questionnaire.

Supporting Each Other

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Organizations and Resources

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